Project Overview


Project Overview

Project map
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Xcel Energy proposes to install a new 5-mile-long, 24-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline in Adams and Denver counties. The project, known as the North Metro Natural Gas Pipeline Project, will connect to a natural gas supply at the existing Cherokee Power Plant in Adams County.

The new underground pipeline will begin at the existing Cherokee Power Plant located near 58th Avenue and York Street in Adams County and end at a new regulator station at 43rd Avenue and Cherokee Street in Denver. The project map is displayed above.

Construction activities are expected to begin in early 2018. The completion of the project, including restoration of construction areas and bringing the pipeline into service, is expected in late 2019.

The new natural gas pipeline is needed as part of Xcel Energy's commitment to system modernization within Adams and Denver counties. The project will increase the supply of natural gas within Adams and Denver counties to accommodate current and expected future growth in both counties.

The new pipeline will tie into existing smaller diameter pipelines at a new regulator station that will strengthen the supply of natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial properties in the project benefit area. To see a map of the project benefit area, click here.

The pipeline will allow Xcel Energy to continue to provide current and future customers with safe, reliable natural gas service.

The project is currently in the permitting process with Adams and Denver counties. For additional information on the project permitting process, please visit our Permitting Information page.